Introducing BrickCoin

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BrickCoin is making a few waves in the world of Crpto at the min. It will be coming to Europe soon.

We have quite a few people in the UK and Ireland chatting to us about. We will be keeping a close eye on this one.

BrickCoin™ is the first BlockChain based currency backed with real estate (REITs). Stable, debt-free, electronic certificates with immediate worldwide transfer and settlement capabilities. BrickCoin aims to be the first fully regulated, KYC and AML compliant real estate crypto which means these real estate investment tokens are fully transparent and secure.

Please note that BrickCoin™ ICO will only happen after BrickCoin becomes a fully regulated financial institution.

Key Aspects of BrickCoin:

  • A brickcoin is a savings token bought with traditional currency or digital currency.
  • It represents an investment in a piece of commercial debt-free real estate and for many, their only opportunity to play a role in this market.
  • The real estate is held as part of a very secure, high-value, debt-free REIT.
  • Brickcoins are kept in a mobile digital wallet.
  • All transactions are fully-managed, validated and trackable by blockchain technology.  Brickcoins can be converted into FIAT currency instantaneously.

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